Keeping Your Medical Practice in Salable Shape

You may not be ready right now to sell your medical practice, but prudent physicians, medical groups and medical investor groups know that maintaining their medical practice in tip top, salable condition means that are ever at the ready to optimize their business strategies.

Physician reimbursement in governmental payer programs continues to be a political football. Depending which side of the line the ball lands on, profitable medical practices can become significantly less profitable overnight.

In addition, keep in mind that as other medical practices sell and merge, the referral landscape that feeds into your medical practice can also change quickly.  For example, if your practice depends on the referral stream of a large primary care practice and that practice sells to a local hospital, that stream dries up overnight. Selling your practice to the same hospital may be a necessary alignment strategy. Are you prepared and ready to make that move?

You also never know when the right opportunity may present itself, but if and when it does, your medical practice needs to optimized and ready.

What does it mean to keep your practice in a condition ready to be sold?  At Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers, we bring decades of experience to help you optimize, strategize and sell or merge your medical practice. We help physicians, medical groups and medical investor groups buy, sell, merge, and grow their medical practices.

In these successful strategies tips from MD Magazine on selling your medical practice, you will see that preparation is a key step. When we are prepared, we can make wise investment, divestiture and merger decisions whenever these opportunities may arise.

If you would like to know if your medical practice is in current saleable shape, consider a financial audit or a medical practice appraisal by Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers. We can show you how and where to optimize financial aspects of your medical practice business. Preparation can mean the difference between night and day.

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