Buying a medical practice can quickly become complex.

A medical doctor with his assistantsWith over 39 years of hands-on experience, Tinsley’s experience includes medical practice valuation analysis, market analysis, tax strategies, buy-ins, partnerships, and medical practice financing to suit both your short term and long term practice goals.

Unearthing Hidden Value

Understanding multiple revenue streams and identifying underperforming assets with hidden potential takes skilled experience. Years of experience with hundreds of clients gives us unparalleled knowledge of where and what to look for to maximize your buying power and ROI.

Vast Professional Network

With 29 years of experience, we have an extensive book of buyers and sellers in the medical practice arena. Some healthcare practices become available to us even before they hit the market allowing our exclusive buyers the opportunity to invest in assets before they are presented to the wider market. These VIP previews are another way we at Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers strive to over deliver service and value our clientele.

Step by Step: The Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers guide to a successful buying transaction:

  • Medical Practice Valuations and AppraisalsHandshake
  • Healthcare Practice Financial Due Diligence
  • Finding Hidden Value PRIOR to Purchase
  • Unique Medical Practice Positioning
  • Identifying Pre-Market Sellers
  • Value-Added Tax Consulting
  • Transaction/Terms Negotiation
  • Competitive and Creative Financing Acquisition
  • Creation of Contracts and Legal Documents
  • Manage and Facilitate Closing and Funding

Complimentary Consultation