Buying or Selling a Professional Healthcare Practice?
Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers – An Integral Part of Your Team

Q: Who Buys Medical Practices?
A: Tinsley Medical Practice Broker’s extensive pipeline of buyers including Private Equity Groups, MSOs, Group Medical Practices, Specialty Physicians and New Private Practice Physicians.

Q: How much is my medical practice worth?
Money and ChartsA: A professional appraisal by our Valuation Expert Reed Tinsley, CPA, CVA, CFP, CHBC assures accurate evaluation of multiple market approaches that best suit your particular practice and desired outcome. The CFV (Cash Flow Valuation) and the FMV (Fair Market Value) approaches work well for other businesses but do not necessarily serve the medical practice field well. Each professional healthcare practice is unique. It takes years of hands-on appraisal experience to uncover the hidden value in your unique practice. An appraisal is only as good as the broker’s ability to bring the value to market and subsequently to successfully completed sale.

Q: How do I choose a broker/consultant to buy a medical practice?
A: As they say in the stock market, money is made on the buy. This analogy can also apply to the purchase of medical practices when conducted correctly with an experienced broker from Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers. It is imperative to select a consultant/broker that has the ability to perform complex due diligence and uncover hidden potential. Skill as a medical practice valuation is vital, as well as medical practice accounting. Tinsley Medical Brokers has 39 years of combined market experience in physician accounting, value-added tax consulting, medical practice appraisals, medical practice buy-ins and partnerships, medical practice acquisition strategies, creative financing and healthcare practice transition strategies.

Q: How long does it take to sell my healthcare practice and when should I hire Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers to sell my healthcare practice?
Clock and StethoscopeA: Depending on circumstances, it can take six months to two years to complete the full cycle of a sale transaction. Therefore, it’s wise to contact us well in advance of your anticipated sale so that we may utilize our expert skills in maximizing the potential value of your practice. Buyers and lenders seek financial consistency with an emphasis on twelve to eighteen months prior to listing a practice for sale. Creating wise exit strategies in anticipation of a sale is also an important step in maximizing practice value. Our experience in unparalleled in the medical practice industry. Contact us as soon as possible in your decision process for a no obligation pre-sale strategy review.

Q: Can hiring the right Medical Practice Broker can make or break a buy or sell transaction?
A: The ability of a medical practice brokerage consultant to position the practice and successfully market it for sale is a large determinant of a successful outcome. Having the experience and ability to understand and anticipate the market is an important factor. Working with Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers assures the highest degree of professionalism, decades of experience, certified valuation expertise and the highest code of ethics. You will work one-on-one with principals who are devoted to your individual client satisfaction.

Q: Why not sell my medical practice myself?
A: We would not attempt to practice medicine or perform surgery.  Similarly, we advise our physicians, medical groups and private Calculatorequity clients not attempt to negotiate medical practice sales. You do what you do best. We do what we do best. While there are no guarantees, with our years of expertise, we have literally added hundred thousands of dollars in added-value to medical practice transactions by understanding underlying tax issues, hidden value and strategic implications. It takes years of experience plus staying on the leading edge of ever-changing regulations to negotiate such complex transactions. Your time is much better spent doing what you do best – maintaining and growing your medical practice revenue prior to a sale. Selling a practice can also be an emotional experience. Lifetimes are spent building a healthcare practice. We are able to remove the emotional factor and present clear and factual financial data for you to make informed and profitable financial business decisions.