Cut the PieThere are several components to the successful sale of a medical practice.

Our extensive experience in medical practice brokerage and valuation analysis coupled with our expanded database of qualified buyers allows us to market your medical practice to a wide and eager buying audience. Equity investors, physicians, dentists, optometrists and related healthcare entities rely heavily on our expertise to sell their medical practices. The rapidly shifting financial terrain in healthcare requires experienced professional guidance that stays on the leading edge of advancing regulations. We remain on the pulse of these changes so you can rest assured your vested interest is fully represented.

At Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers, we offer a comprehensive, straightforward approach to maximize your ROI (return on investment). By performing comprehensive and thorough due diligence, doing our homework the way only we know how to do, we are able to create value where other, less experienced brokers inadvertently, and more often than not, leave large sums of money on the table. Don’t short change yourself. Hire the experts.

Rapidly Changing Market

With over 39 years of combined experience, Tinsley Medical Brokers are leaders in the healthcare practice brokerage and financial arena. Whether you are a solo physician, a diverse medical group or a private equity investor or group, we have the expertise to identify, market, negotiate and successfully complete complex transactions on your behalf. Obtaining premium price and beneficial terms for your unique medical practice requires key valuation strategies and broad market exposure. We’re on it.

Why Sell? Divorce, Retirement, New DirectionsTax

There are many reasons to sell your medical practice. Whether going through a divorce, retiring from practice, freeing up cash flow or diversifying holdings, you have invested a great deal of time and effort in building your healthcare practice. Selling your practice can be a trying and emotional time. We take the burden of due diligence, medical practice valuation, market analysis, tax strategies and many of the complexities of selling a practice and do the heavy lifting for you. This frees up your time so you can focus on running your practice to create the highest value at a critical time when value of utmost importance. Through experienced due diligence and best practices, we assist in transforming potentially emotional decisions into sound and profitable financial business decisions.


Step by Step: The Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers guide to a successful sales transaction:

  • Medical Practice Valuations and Appraisals
  • Healthcare Practice Financial Due Diligence
  • Create Value PRIOR to Sale
  • Unique Medical Practice Positioning
  • Identifying/Marketing to Pre-Qualified Buyers
  • Value-Added Tax Consulting
  • Transaction/Terms Negotiation
  • Competitive and Creative Financing Acquisition
  • Creation of Contracts and Legal Documents
  • Manage and Facilitate Closing and Funding

Complimentary Consultation