Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers Assists Forum Health, LLC

Forum Health, LLC expands Texas presence with plans to acquire more integrative and functional medicine practices, tinsleymedicalpractices.com reports.

AUSTIN, Texas – Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers assisted Forum Health, LLC, a pioneering multi-location Integrative and Functional Medicine practice at the forefront of holistic healthcare, in taking their corporate vision for functional medicine services to the next level in Texas.  The proud acquisition of Birken Medical Aesthetics, a renowned leader in integrative health and anti-aging services, located in The Woodlands, Texas, is part of Forum Health’s strategic nationwide expansion, with a particular focus on strengthening its presence in the thriving state of Texas.

Patients will benefit from an enriched healthcare experience, leveraging the collective knowledge, advanced cutting edge treatments and personalized root cause approach to the diagnosis and treatment of disease from both Forum Health, LLC’s expansive and experienced staff as well as Birken Medical Aesthetics innovative treatments and technology that has had them on the forefront of the longevity and anti-aging medicine movement.

Adam Puttkammer, Forum Health President shares, “The acquisition of Birken Medical Aesthetics is part of Forum Health’s commitment to transform the healthcare experience that has fallen short when it comes to aging. We are determined to broaden healthcare choices for men and women as they age and our expansion in Texas marks another stride in bringing this vision to life.”

Birken Medical Aesthetics, founded by Randy Birken, MD, is the Houston area’s foremost hub for groundbreaking anti-aging health treatments including Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Weight Management, IV Therapy, Aesthetics Procedures.

Dr. Randy Birken: “Since our inception in 1980, Birken Medical Aesthetics has been at the forefront of wellness in Houston. Teaming up with Forum Health enables us to expand our cutting-edge health offerings and continue delivering innovative aesthetic and bioidentical hormone therapies to our clients, helping them look and feel their best.”

“Working with Dr. Birken was a pleasure. He played an important role in identifying a good

fit that would take his integrative wellness practice to the next level. Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers was able successfully bring a number of individual physicians, multi-specialty groups, and private equity firms that were interested in his practice and we mutually felt that Forum Health was the right choice,” said Sean Tinsley, Managing Director, and Co-Founder of Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers.

“Sean Tinsley is professional, friendly and conscientious,” Dr. Randy Birken stated after successfully working with Sean Tinsley in the smooth sale of his medical practice to Forum Health, LLC.

Tinsley assists physicians and medical practice groups in making the most beneficial financial decisions based on the current and projected financial position of the medical practice and the desired goals of the physician owners and/or medical equity groups. As detailed under the “What We Do” tab at the company’s website, Tinsley Medical

Practice Brokers provides a full range of medical practice brokerage and medical practice management services that cover every financial and business management details related to owning, operating, investing, financing, managing, buying and selling a medical practice in Texas and nationwide.

Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers provides comprehensive financial and practice management solutions for the Texas medical practice industry including medical practice brokerage, medical practice appraisal, healthcare practice business development, medical practice performance consulting, Texas medical practice financing solutions and physician financial planning for sole practitioners, group medical practices and medical equity investor groups.

“Our years of experience and our extensive pre-transaction and post-transaction planning services is what sets us apart from other medical practice brokerage firms,” Tinsley explained. “Not only do we provide comprehensive Texas medical practice brokerage and medical practice valuation services, we also assist buyers with how to buy a Texas medical practice, how to sell a Texas medical practice, acquisitions, buy-ins, partnerships, mergers, medical practice transitions, physician income, practice revenue and medical practice overhead management strategies. We are also active buying, selling and transitioning medical practices across the United States.”

Key areas of focus when seeking to increase practice value include physician income, medical practice revenue and healthcare practice overhead. The seasoned team at Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers quickly helps to identify those areas in medical practice operations that can be improved.

Pre-transaction services provide a projected timeline and a comprehensive financial plan for acquisition, transition, expansion, merge, sale and/or retirement. Post-transaction services help create efficiency and set new service and delivery standards. Whether before a sale or after an acquisition, Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers’ unique medical practice consulting pre- and post-planning services utilize specific strategies to the specific medical practice specialty aimed at achieving goals quickly and efficiently.

About Forum Health, LLC

Forum Health, LLC is a nationwide provider of personalized healthcare steeped in the powerful principles of functional and integrative medicine. Our providers take a root-cause approach to care exploring lifestyle, environment, and genetics to help each patient achieve their ultimate health goals. Members have access to advanced medical treatments and technology, with care plans informed by data analytics and collaborative relationships. For more, visit www.forumhealth.com.   Their newest location can be found in The Woodlands, Texas, now Birken Medical Aesthetics by Forum Health.

About Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers:

Tinsley Medical Practice Brokers helps physician owners and buyers maximize the value and performance of medical practices nationwide. Specializing in Texas medical practices and nationwide medical practices, Tinsley offers a full range of pre-transaction, post-transaction, and sale-oriented services including Texas medical practice brokerage, medical practice appraisal, medical practice valuation, medical practice performance consulting, Texas medical practice financing solutions, physician tax consulting, and physician financial planning. 

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